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The BirdcageTheatre is the fifth solo album by Mick Charles.
It's Liverpool meets Memphis is this nod to past styles that sound as relavent today as ever!
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M U S I C 

"As I first listened to Birdcage I was traveling east on the tollway. From the first track to the last, I had a smile on my face. I was happy because knowing Mick for many years, I have not found a work of his so exciting (not that there no other great works). His masterful blend of harmony, and studio production, is a must listen! Also the works’ ever bouncing styles (country,do-wop, rock, and folk) will make you want to keep listening. From the do-wop “Another Plan In Mind”, to the folksy rhythms of “I Was a Sailor Once” you cannot find a bad sound. Oh and did I mention the almost Beach Boys like sound of “I Left Leanne”?
I like all the songs on Birdcage, and I wish Mick all the luck in the world. This is a must buy for your music collection." 

Dennis Cieslak, Music Today Chicago, IL
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R E V I E W S 
Mo' Real Rockin' Soul from Mick Charles!
Mick Charles' latest outing, "Birdcage Theatre" finds the artist exploring classic avenues with a very unique and personal take. Down the blue highways of early soul, to the potholed on-ramps of Detroit, Chicago and Memphis, Mick Charles frames up his continuing journeys of love, loss, hardship, drunken revelations and joy, only to get off the Jalopy on the red dirt roads of Alabama. Very catchy with real warmth. Buy it!

John Llewellyn....2011