M I C K  C H A R L E S
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N E W S - N E W S - N E W S 
From the album Birdcage Theatre, "Another Plan In Mind" is a photo video depicting both the struggles and the joys of everyday life

Through interesting photography, lyrics come to life in a way that puts everyone's challenges on a common ground. We all need love. We all feel pain. We all can get through it.
The Bus" is a music and photo presentation depicting the struggles and stigma of having special needs children who have to ride on the "short bus" .
The audio is available on iTunes. Look under artist search : Mick Charles. 
Written & Performed by Mike Donatowicz (a.k.a. Mick Charles)
Dedicated to Shelly and Archie Reimann... and all who share in their daily struggle.

V I D E O S 
Back in 1978, The Bunch recorded the album known then as "A BAND IN RUINS". From that album comes this single. A photo/video was made with still shots from the mid 1970's through 1981.
This is a rare look at a once great band. Their music has resurfaced and more recordings and videos are to follow.
This is their first appearance in the public eye since 1981
A view of some great Beale Street signs in Memphis.
The song, "When the Time Comes" is from Mick Charles' 2007 album 
At Both Ends of the Road. Available from the DISCOGRAPHY link on this site.
Another song from the Birdcage Theatre album, "So Help Me" has a southern feel to it and is a salute to 1950's gospel music.  Joined on vocals by The Memphis Bel-Airs, this short and sweet song is about hope determination.
Back to Basics

Hi all friends.  As Spring has arrived I wanted to share something I saw on FB that said it's time to "Unfuck Yourself...Go back to who you were before all the shitty stuff in your life happened"
Well I'm here to tall ya that that hit home with me.  So much shit goes on that we don't even realize it's piling up...and up.  Time to push it aside.  Get out from under it.  Feel the breeze, walk in the sun, play some music, dance, laugh, BBQ and basically remember all the things in your life that really are important.  Yes, unfuck yourself!
I'm going with this mindset this summer and look to have the best summer in years.  I hope I get to spend a lot of unfucked times with many of you.
Keeping listening to the joy and message of music, and let the sun shine in.



Mick's Message May 2016
Are you guys reading the new Afterlife with Archie?  AWESOME!
Zombies have taken over Riverdale!
I highly recommend!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>